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During Your Pregnancy

During pregnancy, we will arrange two preparation sessions, where I will provide you with information about birth physiology, different pain relief options and your choices for where to give birth. These sessions will be individually tailored to the information that you feel is most important to you, and that will help you achieve the best birth you can have. I like us to keep in touch by phoning and e-mailing on a regular basis to see how things are progressing.

My role is to listen to you (and your partner/family members if you wish), and to signpost you to the relevant information and resources. This will give you a greater understanding of the options available to you (and the evidence behind each option), so that you can follow your chosen path with confidence. I will never make any decisions for you, or try to influence your views on any of your options. Instead, I will make suggestions in line with my experience, and encourage and support you in whatever you decide is best for your labour and birth.


Evidence-Based Maternity Care

Adapted For Your Needs

During Labour & Birth

I will be available at any time of the day to come and support you in labour (whether this is at home, in the birth centre, or in the hospital). During labour, I will stay with you and provide continuous emotional and physical support (I will not leave until after the baby is born, and you are happy and settled).   I can help with relaxation, positioning and other comfort measures. In practical terms, I am an extra pair of hands during labour, which allows you to be with your birth partner in the way that you want. I can also take photographs/videos if you would like me to.

If the need arises, I can help you communicate with your midwife and medical care givers to ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions. My experience in working closely with midwives and obstetricians means that I am able to easily form a rapport with these healthcare providers and ensure that everyone attending your birth is working together towards the best possible birth for you and your baby.

After the birth, I will stay with you until you are settled and then visit you a few times to debrief the birth and make sure everything is going well. If you feel that you would like continued support after this period, we can discuss the possibility of me providing you with Postnatal Services.

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